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How to Turn a Working Board Into a Fundraising Board

First off, let’s define a working board and a fundraising board:

A working board is common in small nonprofit organizations. The board is heavily involved in running the organization day-to-day.Working boards are not heavily involved in fundraising for the nonprofit organization.

A fundraising board does less of the day-to-day work in a nonprofit organization in order to focus on fundraising. The entire Board of Directors donates funds to the nonprofit organization. They also help plan fundraising events and fundraise for the organization.

Key Distinctions Between Working Boards and Fundraising Boards

Working boards feel that they are donating enough of their skills and time that they do not need to donate their money to the organization.

Fundraising boards understand that it is critical to the success of the organization to donate their funds and seek out funding, sot that is where they focus their efforts. Fundraising boards understand that fundraising is vital the organization and you can’t ask people outside of the organization to donate if the people inside of the organization are not actively donating to the cause as well.

Why Do You Need a Fundraising Board?

One of the key roles of a nonprofit Board of Directors is to ensure that the organization has enough funds and resources to further the mission of the organization. In other words, one of their key roles is to fundraise–and you can’t ask others to give to the organization if you aren’t giving to the organization yourself. So, it is critical that 100% of the board is donating to the organization so that 100% of the board can fundraise for the organization.

How to Create a Fundraising Board

  1. Start by getting the right people on your board. Explain to every potential board member that you expect them to donate to the organization and fundraise for the organization.
  2. Write requirements in Board Member Contracts for each board member to agree to. Include the specific roles and responsibilities of the board.
  3. Start asking the board to donate. The number one reason why someone doesn’t donate is because they were never asked. This is the case for board members as well.


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