Top 7 Instagram Insights for Nonprofit Organizations

Is Your bio filled out?

The Instagram bio is short, but it should also tell the world exactly what you are about and what kind of information and pictures they will see on your Instagram account.

A good example of an Instagram bio: Student Ties

“Providing international education experiences while fund-raising to support students in developing countries.”


Do you have a link to your website directly under your bio?

Instagram is a great place to direct people to your website and other fundraising platforms, so be sure you aren’t missing out on the opportunity by not having your website listed.


Are your photos high quality and visually appealing?

Since Instagram is a low text platform, it is extremely important that your pictures draw people in. This means you can’t always just snap a picture on your cell phone and post it immediately. Spend some time learning how to take good photos with your camera or phone.

Check out some of these helpful posts on taking better photos for Instagram:

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 Do your images go together cohesively and visually?

Collectively, the images that you post on Instagram become your brand. In other words, people will begin to assume that your organization is not professional if you do not post professional pictures on Instagram. On the other hand, if you post a lot of high quality photos that show engagement with your mission then people will gravitate towards your nonprofit organization.

Charity:Water does a great job on their Instagram by posting engaging, high-quality photos that all go together. Their pictures all visually mix and their cause is clear in every single post.


Did you use at least 3 hashtags to connect your picture with similar topics?

Hashtags are a great way to connect your content with the content your niche. For example, if you work in Uganda, I would recommend using the hashtag #Uganda to connect your pictures with other pictures in that area. Additionally, using #Charity, #Nonprofit, #Giveback, etc., are all great ways to connect your posts and Instagram account with other nonprofits. These hashtags can then lead to more followers because it is connecting you with similar content.


Are you spending time engaging (commenting and liking) other organization’s posts in your same niche?

This is key, especially if you are trying to grow awareness for your organization. When you comment and like other organization’s and people’s posts, they are able to connect with you. If they like what you have to offer (both by way of your mission and the pictures you post) then they will be likely to follow you. This creates a network of places where potential donors or partners can come across your organization.


Do you state a call to action in some of your posts?

While Instagram’s first role is to connect people to your cause and to the activities that go on in your organization, it can also be a place to call people to action. Use Instagram to post about your capital campaign or fund-raising events and challenge people to donate. For example, here is a picture from Musana where they challenge people to buy their bracelets that provide a living for artisans in Uganda.



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