Should I Start a Nonprofit Organization?

It is a big decision to start a nonprofit organization. Should I start a new nonprofit organization? Should I join another nonprofit organization?

In the past, I have wanted to start my own nonprofit organization multiple times. I have had some ideas that I thought would be a great way to serve others around the world.

On the other hand, one of my favorite university professors from Brigham Young University is always more supportive of people joining other nonprofit organizations, and, over time, I have come to agree with his position.

When you have the opportunity to start a nonprofit organization OR join another nonprofit organization, I would highly encourage you to join another nonprofit organization.


Think of all the resources that you would be able to combine, and how much more effective you could be if you are with an already established nonprofit organization. It will save time, money, resources, etc.

Now, this isn’t always an option. Sometimes you find a need in your community that isn’t being addressed and you can’t just join another organization to address a cause that won’t fit in their mission. In this case you might decide to start a new nonprofit organization, and I would be in full support of something like that.

Below I have an infographic showing some of the ideas to consider when deciding to start a nonprofit organization. Please, feel free to use the comments below to discuss any ideas that you might have or ask any questions.

Should I Start a Nonprofit Organization


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