Nonprofit Website Design

A website is often the face of your nonprofit organization. While a good website can attract donors, volunteers, and employees, a poorly designed website can do just the opposite.

Don’t settle for an unappealing website.

Instead, let me design one for you.

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I have designed a dozen WordPress websites and would love to design one for your nonprofit organization. One that fits your needs and your budget.

Most website designers will quote you a minimum of $2000 to design a basic website, but I don’t think that is reasonable. If you are a new nonprofit, you probably don’t have 2-5K just laying around for a website design.

Instead, I take a different approach.

I will design you a website for under $1000. In fact, I will design your nonprofit website for no more than $500.

What does this include?

It includes all of the following (and more):

  • Custom domain
  • Hosting
  • A custom WordPress theme
  • Custom visuals (including Pinterest graphics, Facebook graphics, Instagram graphics, etc.)
  • A fully responsive, beautiful nonprofit website

I will spend as much time as we need to make your website exactly what you want it to be. We will perfect everything from the fonts to the colors to the visuals to the pages.

I want your nonprofit organization to be happy with a beautifully designed website that is within your budget.

Ready to get started?

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