Grant Ready?

Is your organization interested in grant writing?

Do you wonder if you your nonprofit organization is ready for grant writing?

I completely understand where you are. I was there once too. I didn’t know if the organization I was working with was ready for grant writing, and I didn’t know how to figure out when to start. Quite frankly, I felt lost, confused, and overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start, so I just avoided starting altogether.

But, over the years I have become confident with grant writing. I know what your organization needs to have in place before you can search for grants.

I know what information you will need to gather in order to write a complete, successful grant application.

I know where to look for grant applications, and I know how to write grant applications that will be funded.

Are you interested in learning my tips for getting started with grant writing? I want to help you know if your organization is ready to dive in to grant writing.

Not every nonprofit organization is ready for grant writing, but with a little bit of help, it isn’t hard to get “grant ready.” This is my aim, to help your organization understand what it meant to be “grant ready” and to provide you with the necessary information for your organization to become successful, grant ready organizations.

In this 30 minute webinar course, we will go through the following information:

1. Necessities for successful grant applications

2. Keys that funders look for in grant applications

3. Diversifying your current funding streams

4. Knowing and understanding different grant opportunities

5. Tips for picking the right grant application


In addition to the video webinar, you will receive a workbook for your organization, which will take you through the steps to become GRANT READY.