Getting Funded–The Grant Writing Process

Getting Funded: The Grant Writing Process is a course designed for nonprofit organizations and their employees who are seeking to learn the skills necessary to apply for grant applications. Our primary focus is on foundation grants. You will receive video instruction, worksheets, quizzes, and assignments to solidify the grant writing process and propel you towards getting funded.

Why Did I Develop This Course?

I decided to teach nonprofit organizations how to write their own grants because it is so important for organizations to become independently sustainable. I hope that nonprofits can train their own employees how to write successful grant applications so nonprofits do not need to hire and pay an extra grant writer. Therefore, I designed this course with my background in grant writing, nonprofit management, and tutoring to teach nonprofits and their employees the keys to successfully write and apply for grants.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Getting Funded—The Grant Writing Process

  • Welcome to Getting Funded—The Grant Writing Process
  • The Course

Course Outline and Grant Topics being Covered

  • Course Outline and Topics Covered
  • Resource Center
  • Instructor Introduction Video
  • Books for Further Reading
  • Nonprofits to Check Out

Part 1—Getting Started

  • Getting Started
  • Is Your Organization Ready to Apply for Grants?
  • Getting Organized
  • Google Drive Folder Assignment
    • Setting Up a Google Drive Folder
    • Google Drive Folder Organization Document
  • Parts of a Grant
    • Case Study: Musana
    • Mission Statement
    • Need Statement
    • Beneficiaries
    • Strategic Plan
    • Leadership
    • Budget
    • Commitment and Collaboration
    • Community Collaboration
      • Community Collaboration Assignment
    • Legal Eligibility
  • End of Part 1 Assignment

Part 2—Finding a Grant

  • Finding a Grant
  • Grant Types
  • Grant Research Resources
  • List of Starter Resources for Grant Research
  • Finding Grants Assignment
  • Finding the Right Grant Quiz
  • Know the Funder, Make a Good First Impression, Find a Good Match
  • The Three C’s
    • 3C’s Worksheet

Part 3—Writing the Grant

  • Writing the Grant
  • Tips for Effective Writing
  • Crafting the Need Statement
  • The Facts
  • How to Find Supporting Data and Statistics to Build Your Case
  • Telling a Story
  • Project Description
    • Project Design Worksheet
  • Evaluation Plan
  • Project Budget
    • Project Budget Worksheet
  • Supplemental Documents

Part 4—The Revision Process

  • The Revision Process
  • Revising Priorities
  • The Do’s and Do Not’s of Grant Writing

Part 5—After Submission

  • After Submission
  • We Were Funded! Now What?
  • We Were Rejected…Now What?