Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector: A Video Course

Over the years I have received a lot of questions about the nonprofit sector from people wanting to start their own nonprofit organizations as well as from people who are completely unfamiliar with everything to do with nonprofit organizations.

I decided to make this course to answer a lot of the questions that I have received.

In this course I am going to take you through a nonprofit organization. You will learn exactly what a nonprofit organization is, as well as what it is not. You will know the leadership structure of a nonprofit organization and how it differs from a corporate structure. You will also learn about the steps to start a nonprofit organization.

Come join me in this video course!

An Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector

Course Curriculum

Lecture 1: Welcome

In this lecture I will introduce myself and tell you why I decided to make this course. I will also tell you what questions I am going to answer in this course

Lecture 2: Introduction

In this lesson I will introduce the nonprofit sector by telling you what it is and what it is not. We will go through nonprofit myths.

Lecture 3: Types of Nonprofits

Lecture 3 will go through some popular nonprofit organizations and the fields that they work in.

Lecture 4: Starting a Nonprofit Organization

This lesson will go through 13 steps to start a nonprofit organization. We will go through finding an idea all the way through incorporation and filling out the 990.

Lecture 5: Main Nonprofit Forms

In this lesson we will touch on form 1023 and form 990.

Lecture 6: Nonprofit Leadership Structure and Positions

In this lesson we will talk about the nonprofit leadership structure compared to a public corporate business. We will also talk about some of the positions that are unique to the nonprofit sector.

Lecture 7: Board of Directors

Lecture 7 will go through the Board of Directors and what their role is in a nonprofit organization.

Lecture 8: The Executive Director

In this lesson we will discuss the Executive Director and his or her role in a nonprofit.

Lecture 9: Volunteers

Volunteers are important in every nonprofit organization, and in this lesson we are going to go through some of the various roles that volunteers play in nonprofits.

Lecture 10: Nonprofit Income Streams

This lesson goes through the various types of income streams that a nonprofit can have including grants, fees for services, and many others.

Lecture 11: Conclusion

Thank you so much for taking my course!


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  • Mrs. Tanner, we do have a nonprofit and we want to know how to find grants to serve better in the community, lern more and know many things to be more active in the community
    I would like to speak with you.
    Angel Lombert