Grant Writing Master Course Preview

The all new Grant Writing Master Course is for sale in less than a month!

Pre-sales are going to open next Monday, the day after Christmas, so look for it! The course will be anywhere from 50-75% off for the first 3 days, so grab it before the price goes up.

Below is a clip from one of the lectures as well as the outline for the course so you know what is going to be discussed:

Grant Writing Master Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction to Grant Writing

  • Reasons to Learn Grant Writing
    • Understanding Nonprofit Financial Streams: Where do Grants Fit In?
    • Grant Writing Myths
  • Possible Grant Writing Timeline

Section 2: The Need Statement

  • The Need Statement
  • Checklist for Completing a Needs Assessment

Section 3: Designing Your Project

  • Designing Your Project
    • Logic Model for Project Planning
    • Project Design Worksheet

Section 4: Funders and Grants

  • Types of Funders
  • Types of Grants
    • 5 Benefits of an Endowment Fund
    • How to Build an Endowment Fund
    • What is an Endowment Fund?
  • Common Elements of Government and Foundation Grants
    • Comparison of Government, Foundation, and Corporation Grants
  • Common Elements of Grants
    • Sample Cover Letter

Section 5: Know Your Organization

  • Know Your Organization
    • Google Drive Folder Organization
    • Grant Ready Quiz

Section 6: Finding Funders

  • Finding Funders
    • Grant Research Starter Resources
  • Picking the Right Funders
  • Finding the Right Grant Quiz

Section 7: Writing the Grant

  • Preparing to Write
    • Basic Project Grant Application Example
  • Writing the Grant
  • Writing the Need Statement
    • The Need Statement
    • Need Statement Visual
  • Writing the Project Description
  • Designing an Evaluation Plan
  • Developing a Project Budget
    • Project Budget Worksheet
  • Supplemental Documents

Section 8: The Revision Process

  • The Revision Process
    • Grant Revising Priorities
  • Tips for Effective Writing
    • Do’s and Do Not’s of Grant Writing
    • Keys to Effective Grant Writing
    • Tips for Effective Writing
  • Ways to Enhance Your Application

Section 9: Submission and After Submission

  • We Weren’t Funded
  • We Were Funded


Here is a clip from a lecture about finding funders:

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