Grant Tutoring: The Revision Process

Do you have the rough draft of a grant application, but don’t know what to do next? Filling out the grant application is only the first step. Now is the time to revise your grant application, and I’m here to help you do just that.

I developed the Grant Tutoring Process based on the undergraduate Writing Fellows process, which can be found on university campuses around the United States. The Grant Tutoring Process allows you to have one-on-one feedback about your grant application. I put my efforts in helping your grant application based on the Grant Revision Priorities. The Grant Revision Priorities states the order of importance that I (and funders) place on different aspects of a grant application. Therefore, I am going to pay much more attention to the Need Statement in your grant application and less attention on your grammar. I want to be clear that this is not an editing service. I am here to help you develop your grant writing skills to help you now and with future grant applications.

The Grant Tutoring Process

1. I will set up a phone meeting with you to understand the expectations of the grant. I will also ask for a copy of the filled out grant application and any grant application details from the funder. We will also discuss and set up a timeline for the tutoring process.

2. You will send me the completed rough draft of your grant application.

3. I will look over your draft and give you a page of written feedback as well as make marginal comments in a Word Document.

4. You will take this feedback and review/revise your grant application.

5. I will email you to set up a time to have a Skype meeting to go over your new draft.

6. We will meet over Skype where you will receive further instruction and ideas for how to improve the grant application.

7. You will then have time to make additional changes before turning in your final copy to the funder.

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