Revising Grant Applications

Revising grant applications can seem daunting. What do you focus on first? What do you spend the most time revising? What do you spend the least time revising if you don’t have a lot of time?

Revising Grant Applications: Priority List

Based on my personal experience and research, I have found 5 priorities when it comes to revising grant applications. Below is the list in order of importance. Therefore, it makes sense to spend more time revising grant applications based on how they fit the application, and less time revising grant applications’ style and correctness.

1. Application

The grant fits the application and answers all the questions completely. The grant writer understands and writes to the funder (the audience) and uses the correct application format.

2. Need Statement

The grant contains the need and adequately explains the need to the funder so they understand the urgency of the problem, why they should fund this cause, who the beneficiaries are, etc. The need is defined at the beginning of the application and is elaborated on throughout the entire grant.

3. Program Description

The application adequately explains the program and how it will support the beneficiaries. All information regarding the program (budget, timeline, etc) is complete and detailed. The project budget could stand alone and explain the entire program. The asking price is consistent with the grantor’s funding.

4. Supporting Evidence

Paragraphs include sufficient evidence to support the need and program, and the evidence is appropriate for the funder (the audience). Evidence includes references to research, primary sources (stories), and current issues. All evidence is correctly cited and introduced.

5. Style and Correctness

The grant writer writes in academic English with the right level of formality. The grant progresses smoothly and all ideas are connected back to the need. Sentences are complete thoughts and are not overly wordy or complex. The grant writer uses correct spelling, punctuation, mechanics, and grammar.

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