Grant Funders’ Expectations

Sometimes nonprofit organizations take grant funders for granted. They assume that grant funders and foundations have a lot of money that they are just begging to give out to a nonprofit.

Today I want to talk about 2 grant funder expectations, but first, I have an email to show you.

An organization approaches a professional grant writer by sending them the following email:

Dear Grant Writer,

We are contacting you to write us a general grant application that we will be able to send to any foundation that we find. Our plan is to send out this application to anywhere between 30 and 50 foundations, and we would like to sent it out within the month.

Do you think you can do this for our organization?


The Desperate Nonprofit

While there are many issues with the situation above, I want to discuss grant makers (grant funders), and their expectations.

First of all, a grant maker, or funder, is dedicating their hard-earned money to good causes, and they do not want to receive a general grant application like a newsletter. Many funders have their own grant applications posted on their websites, and if they receive a general grant application that is not done in this format, they will simply throw it in the trash. The idea is that if they are spending their time, energy, and money on nonprofit organization’s programs, then the nonprofit organizations ought to spend their time making sure that they meet the requirements and turn in quality applications.

Secondly, a grant maker works on their own schedule. Each funder has their own specified times during the year that they accept grant applications. Additionally, each funder has their own specified times during the year that they will award grants. Typically, this means that if they receive a grant application after they have closed the funding round, they are just going to throw it into the trash. They won’t even look at the application because it doesn’t fall into their time frame.

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