Grant Writing Master Course


Grant Writing Master Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction to Grant Writing

  • Reasons to Learn Grant Writing
    • Understanding Nonprofit Financial Streams: Where do Grants Fit In?
    • Grant Writing Myths
  • Possible Grant Writing Timeline

Section 2: The Need Statement

  • The Need Statement
  • Checklist for Completing a Needs Assessment

Section 3: Designing Your Project

  • Designing Your Project
    • Logic Model for Project Planning
    • Project Design Worksheet

Section 4: Funders and Grants

  • Types of Funders
  • Types of Grants
    • 5 Benefits of an Endowment Fund
    • How to Build an Endowment Fund
    • What is an Endowment Fund?
  • Common Elements of Government and Foundation Grants
    • Comparison of Government, Foundation, and Corporation Grants
  • Common Elements of Grants
    • Sample Cover Letter

Section 5: Know Your Organization

  • Know Your Organization
    • Google Drive Folder Organization
    • Grant Ready Quiz

Section 6: Finding Funders

  • Finding Funders
    • Grant Research Starter Resources
  • Picking the Right Funders
  • Finding the Right Grant Quiz

Section 7: Writing the Grant

  • Preparing to Write
    • Basic Project Grant Application Example
  • Writing the Grant
  • Writing the Need Statement
    • The Need Statement
    • Need Statement Visual
  • Writing the Project Description
  • Designing an Evaluation Plan
  • Developing a Project Budget
    • Project Budget Worksheet
  • Supplemental Documents

Section 8: The Revision Process

  • The Revision Process
    • Grant Revising Priorities
  • Tips for Effective Writing
    • Do’s and Do Not’s of Grant Writing
    • Keys to Effective Grant Writing
    • Tips for Effective Writing
  • Ways to Enhance Your Application

Section 9: Submission and After Submission

  • We Weren’t Funded
  • We Were Funded


Grant writing can seem overwhelming. Really overwhelming. How do you know where to start?

How do you know which grants are good for your organization?

Grant writing does not have to be confusing or overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be something that only the professionals do.

You can learn how to find and write successful grant applications for nonprofit organizations.


Through this course.

In this course you will learn how to be successful in the grant writing sphere.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get organizations ready for grants
  • Where to find grants
  • What kind of grant options there are for your organization
  • Which grant applications are worth applying for
  • How to write a winning grant
  • How to revise your grant applications

This course is everything you need to jump into the grant writing sphere.

Let’s get started.