Basic Project Grant Application Example

Grant applications are all unique depending on the funder, the type of grant you are seeking, and how much funding is being requested. That being said, there is also a lot of overlap in the information that a funder requests in each grant application. Therefore, today I want to share a grant application example.

Understanding the basic information that will be asked for in a grant application will help prepare your organization to apply for grants. It will help familiarize you with the different sections of a grant and help you understand what is going to be expected in a typical grant application.

Basic Project Grant Application Example

Organization Information

The organization information section will have various questions about your organization’s basic information. Some of the information that will be asked for are the following:

  1. Name of Organization
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Tax ID number
  4. Address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Website Address

Executive Summary

The executive summary should be about one paragraph (unless otherwise specified) and should include the following information:

  1. The amount of funding requested
  2. General project description
  3. How the funds will be used
  4. A brief description of the need (why is this project important?)

Organization Description and History

The organization description and history should include as much of the following information that is pertinent to the application:

  1. The history of the organization
  2. The organization’s structure
  3. Major accomplishments of the organization
  4. Established partnerships that will help in fulfilling the project of this application
  5. Information about prior grants received
  6. Anything else about the history of the organization that strengthens the need statement (your rational for why this project should be funded)


The background section should tell the funder about the cause or issue that your project is seeing to fund. For example, if you are seeking funding for an orphanage in Romania, you would discuss why orphanages became a huge part of Romanian society in the 1990’s, why it is still an issue today, what you have done to alleviate the problem, and what impact your proposed project will have on the issue.

Provide the following information:

  1. Explanation of the problem or need that you are trying to address with your proposal
  2. Evidence of the problem/issue and that it is an issue that should be addressed by society
  3. How your proposed project will contribute to a solution to the described problem
  4. Evidence that this problem should be addressed NOW (state the emergency of this issue and why your project should be funded before other equally good programs)

Program Narrative (Project Description)

The program narrative is a detailed description of the program that your organization is seeking to implement. This is what your organization is going to do with the funding if it is received by the funder.

Explain the following in the program narrative:

  1. Description of the activities that will take place with your project
  2. How long the project will be funded by the request
  3. Goals of the project
  4. How you will accomplish the goals of the project
  5. The project evaluation plan (how will you measure success or failure of the project)
  6. Who you will serve with the project
  7. What impact this project will have on those you are going to serve

Project Timeline

Now that you have described the project in the program narrative, break it down into a timeline. Tell the funder exactly what you are going to do, and when you are going to do it.

For example, if you are starting a smoothie stand for women you employ in Rwanda, your timeline might generally look like this:

January: Find location for smoothie stand in local area

February: Purchase smoothie machine, smoothie stand, cups, straws, cash register, etc.

March: Host a workshop to teach the women how to run the smoothie machine and cash register

April: Launch smoothie stand and begin recording how much money is earned each day, week, and month

August: Analyze how much money is being made by smoothie stand to see if it is being profitable


The budget should give a specific, detailed account of where all the funding will go if your organization is awarded the grant.

Using the smoothie shop example, you would give a detailed account of exactly how much a smoothie stand is going to cost, how much the rent will be for the space your shop takes, how much cups, straws, fruit, etc. will cost, how much you will be paying each employee, how much the cash register will cost, etc.

The more detailed the budget is in the grant application, the more likely the funder will award your organization the amount of requested funding because they will see exactly how the funds are going to be used.

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