Getting Funded–The Grant Writing Process

Hey all! I am so excited to announce the completion of my grant writing course!
My name is Stephanie Tanner and I am a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP). I received my higher education from Brigham Young University where I majored in Human Development and Nonprofit Management. I was also a Writing Fellow while in college, where I tutored undergraduate writing across all the curriculums. I have spent over a thousand hours working hand in hand with nonprofits around the world. I have written grants, found funding, and worked with nonprofits based across the United States as well as in Ukraine, Uganda, Ghana, Namibia, Rwanda, etc. I am extremely passionate about nonprofit organizations and the work they do around the world.

I decided I wanted to shift gears and teach nonprofit organizations how to write their own grants because it is so important for organizations to become independently sustainable. I hope that nonprofits can train their own employees how to write successful grant applications so nonprofits do not need to hire and pay an extra grant writer. Therefore, I designed this course with my background in grant writing, nonprofit management, and tutoring to teach nonprofits and their employees the keys to successfully write and apply for grants.

This Grant Writing course is meant for potential grant writers, nonprofit employees, and anyone interested in the grant writing world. No prior experience or knowledge is required. Those who have a background in grant writing receive knowledge on how to improve their grant writing skills to promote success.

In this course you will accomplish the following:

  • Research and discover potential grant opportunities
  • Compose complete grant applications
  • Organize grant writing materials for current and future use
  • Revise and rewrite grant applications to ensure success
  • Assemble grant applications to apply for funding

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the course!


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Getting Funded

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