How to Find Funders for your Nonprofit Organization

It’s here! The Grant Writing Master Class is up and running! Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased their copy of the course! The course will continue to sell in the shop, so don’t worry if you weren’t able to purchase it during the pre-sale.

As a conclusion to this launch, I want to share with you just one more clip from the course and discuss how to find funders for your nonprofit organization.


The Three C’s are a measuring stick to see whether or not a potential funder will likely fund your organization and your program. It is important to find potential funders who are concerned about the same things, have a connection to your organization, and have the capacity to help.

Example: I am looking for a funder to support an orphanage in Ukraine (I’m asking for $3000 to buy clothes and school supplies for the kids). I found a potential funder named the Robert’s Foundation.



  • The foundation’s average grant is $2500 and their annual budget is $100,000. I would put this information in the CAPACITY section and draw the conclusion that they have the capacity to donate what I am looking for.


  • Next, I’ll look at their funding priorities. The Roberts Foundation is interested in health and education. I would put this information in the CONCERN section. I am looking to get the kids supplies for school, so that should fall into the education priority of the Roberts Foundation. I also notice on their site that they typically only grant projects that are in Idaho. This is really important because they might only be looking to fund education projects in Idaho school districts.


  • Now comes the CONNECTION section. I have never met them and I do not think that they know of my organization.

CONCLUSION: I do not think that I am a sufficient match to apply for the Roberts Foundation Grant. I could apply, but they do not have the same priorities since I am working in Ukraine and I don’t have a connection.


The next time your organization is looking for a funder, use the 3 C’s to determine if you are a good fit.

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