-ers for Nonprofits

This week I’m excited to share with you a project that I’ve been working on called -ers for Nonprofits.

What is -ers for Nonprofits?

-ers is a microjob site for nonprofit organizations. It is a site that facilitates connections between nonprofits who need jobs done, and freelancers who can complete those jobs. For instance, a nonprofit might join -ers, create a profile, and post a project about needing someone to plan a 5K in the Denver area. -ers then creates the platform for the nonprofit to find a freelancer who can plan that 5K in the Denver area.

Why did I build -ers?

I decided to build -ers because I saw a need. There are a lot of freelancer websites out there, but none are tailored to the needs of the nonprofit sector. The alternative sites charge nonprofits and freelancers unreasonable fees. Some charge nonprofits to post a project, some charge nonprofits to even join the website. Some of the websites charge freelancers to bid on a job. And, on top of all of this, these other sites also take a large 12-20% commission.

I wanted to create a place for nonprofits to find freelancers without all of these large fees. The only fee that -ers charges is a small commission of 7% of the project cost. This 7% goes to improvements on the site, contributions to nonprofit organizations, and transaction fees associated with running a website.

We are here to serve nonprofit organizations; we are not here to nickel and dime you. In fact, our hope is to be able to lower the 7% commission as we gain users. -ers strives to create true value for you.

How does -ers work?

Are you a nonprofit organization? Are you needing a grant written? Are you needing a donor management system created? Are you needing help planning a fundraising event? Are you needing help with anything else?

If you are, -ers is where you want to start. -ers is a platform that connects nonprofits with people who can complete these types of jobs.


Nonprofit Employer

Firstly, as a nonprofit personnel, you will create your free account.

Once you create your account, you can fill out your profile, which includes information about yourself and the nonprofit organization that you work with.

Then, once you have filled everything out, you can post projects that you need done. For example, you can post a project to have a grant written for your organization, a website designed, or any other project that you can imagine. With each project that you post, you will explain what you need done as well as the budget that you have.


Now, are you a freelancer? Do you have the skills to complete jobs that nonprofit organizations need? For instance, are you a grant writer? A website designer? A data analyst? A fundraiser? A writer? Are you someone else who could help nonprofits?

Then you are able to create a profile too. It is free to create a freelancer account and once you create an account, you will need to complete your profile before you can start working with nonprofit organizations.

Once you fill out your profile, you can search for projects that match your skills. If you find a project that you would be interested in completing, you can bid on that project. Bidding on a project will notify the nonprofit that someone is willing and able to complete the project. Additionally, you are able to tell the nonprofit how much money it would cost you to complete the project when you bid on it.

Freelancers and Nonprofit Employers

After freelancers have had time to bid on projects that the nonprofits have posted, then the nonprofit organization will choose from the bids that they have received. Additionally, nonprofits can search through the freelancers and invite individuals to bid on their project if they think that person will be a good match for their organization and their project.

Once a nonprofit decides on a freelancer, they will accept their bid, which will trigger a payment gateway where the nonprofit will pay for the project along with the commission fee. That money will be held by -ers until the project is completed, which provides a safe way to ensure that both parties will honor the system.

After paying for the project, the nonprofit and freelancer will then enter the workplace, where they will be able to chat through the platform, share documents, and ultimately transfer the completed projects.

Once the project is marked as complete by both sides, then the payment will be transferred to the freelancer and the nonprofit will have the finished project.

It’s time to join -ers and make your profile today!




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