Common Grant Sections on Foundation Grants

Every grant out there is a little different, but there are also a lot of common grant sections. Knowing the various grant sections can help your organization be ready to write grants. Below are common grant sections that you will find in foundation and corporation grants.

Foundations and Corporations

Cover Letter

The cover letter contains a brief summary of your application, introduces your organization, and introduces the need. Include the amount of funding that you are requesting, who will be served by your project, and the need that will be addressed/solved. It is vital that you engage the funder immediately. Give them something that they want to read into, or else you might lose your grant application to the trash before they make it past this cover letter.

Executive Summary

Summarizes the project and need and entices the funder to continue reading the entire grant application.

Need Statement

Describe the problem that your project is going to address as well as the population that is being affected by this issue.

Project Description

The Program Description will outline and detail the project that you wish to start as well as how it will be implemented. Make sure to include information on the activities that will be accomplished as well as what your goals and desired outcomes are.

Organization Background

A history of your organization: why your organization was started, what you do, who you help, etc.


Describe how you will determine the effectiveness of the project. What information will you collect, how will you collect it, when will you collect it, and how will you analyze the collected data?


Establish your organizations credibility and state your organizations qualifications to receive grant funding. Include information about what your organization has already done (highlight accomplishments) and show that your organization in confident with this new project.


Include all of the costs for the project, any potential revenue from the project, any funding that you are going to be receiving from other sources, and a narrative about the budget.

Sustainability Plan

In the Sustainability Plan, explain how your project and be replicated upon success. Also discuss how you will continue to fund this project after the grant money has run out.


Each grant application will specify what additional information they will want. For instance, letters of support, research supporting the need, 501(c)(3) status documentation, etc.


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