6 Best Websites for Free Stock Photos (For Your Nonprofit Website)

I have seen lists of 50 places to find free stock photos, but I end up getting frustrated because there 40 of those websites aren’t very good. They either only have 15 photos on them else it isn’t easy to find what I’m looking for. So, rather than give you a giant list of free stock photo websites, here are the 6 websites that I ACTUALLY USE to get stock photos from.

All of these websites on my list are completely free for personal and commercial use.

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Pixabay: I can typically find exactly what I need on Pixabay, and all of the images are 100% free for commercial use with no attribution required. There are tons of images to pick from, but this is the only site on my list that tends to have some lower quality images. I would say that 95% of the images are great, while 5% aren’t worth using.

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Death to Stock Photo: There are a lot of paid features on this site, but you can sign up for a monthly package of free photos sent to your email. I usually find some of my favorite pictures in the monthly packages!

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Life of Pix: Life of Pix doesn’t have any search capabilities, but it is an incredible site for free stock photos. I love scrolling through and finding what I need. This is especially a great site if you are looking for people in your pictures or nature pictures.

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Pixels: Pixels is probably one of the most complete of all the stock photo websites. I don’t think I have ever searched for something that doesn’t bring up a picture that I love. Pixels is easy to search is free for commercial use.

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Stock Photos: This is the first site I have found with a nonprofit section with great photos. It also has a lot of other categories to choose from including business, nature, people, and landscapes. I have also noticed that there are quite a few black and white photos on Stock Photo, which can sometimes be more rare on other sites. The site is easy to use and searchable.

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Unsplash: There are incredible photos released every 10 days. The only downside is that there is no search function. That being said, I think that some of my all-time favorite pictures have come from Unsplash, so it is definitely worth perusing.

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