Amy Rees Anderson’s Magic Goal Poster

Are you looking for ways to incorporate more goals into your life and into your organization? Goals can have the power to change all of our lives. I am a strong believer in goal setting. Through setting and working on goals we can stretch ourselves and our organizations.

Today I want to share with you a new way to look at goal setting.

A couple years ago I listened to Amy Rees Anderson speak at Brigham Young University. Amy Anderson’s professional bio is incredible and includes becoming a contributor to Forbes and the Huffington Post, selling a company she created for over $377 million, founding the IPOP Foundation, and serving on many boards. I would encourage you to check out her website as well as some of the articles she has written in Forbes.

When Amy Anderson spoke at Brigham Young University, she told us about her magic goal posters.

What is a goal poster? A goal poster is a picture poster with clippings of images that you would like to see yourself accomplish. For example, here is a goal poster that I created about a year ago and am working on:

Goal Poster

My goals from this sheet are the following:

  • House: My husband and I move around a lot, so I would love to eventually have a house that I can make into our permanent home
  • Garden: I want lots of land and a huge garden
  • Dogs: I want a running companion like a Vizsla
  • Girl at computer: I want to start my own business (I’m doing it right now!)
  • Baby: I want to have a baby (our first little boy is coming in April!)
  • Baby with basket on back: I want to go to Nepal
  • LDS Temple: I want to stay strong and active in my religion with my husband
  • Girl with long hair: I want to grow my hair out and donate at least 10 inches (I’m getting closer)
  • Run: I want to run a marathon (Once the baby comes I will be able to train for this one more)
  • ‘Give Hope’: I always want to work with nonprofit organizations and for causes that inspire me (I’m doing it!)
  • Rock Climbing: I want to climb a 5.12. Before my husband and I moved away from Utah I was climbing 5.11b/c, but we don’t have any climbing around where we live right now, so that will have to wait a little while.

Amy Anderson’s Goal Poster

Amy Anderson stresses that these goals should be some of your wildest dreams. For instance, my husband put on his goal poster a picture of an F-16. When he put that picture on his poster we both had NO idea how he was going to get inside an F-16. But, within the year he put a little check next to the picture. He had flown in an F-16 and even took the controls for a brief time.

Some of the incredible events that Amy Anderson put on her first goal poster were to be featured in Forbes magazine, to buy a really nice pink boat, and to visit the 7 wonders of the world. Honestly, as I was sitting in the lecture hall I couldn’t believe some of the things she had pictured on her goal sheet. What was even more incredible was that she accomplished every single thing. Let me say that again: she had accomplished EVERY SINGLE THING ON HER GOAL POSTER. EVERY. SINGLE. THING!

She has since made quite a few more goal posters because they keep coming true. I can’t quite explain how it happens and it doesn’t seem like she can quite explain it either, but I really do believe in the power of Amy Anderson’s magic goal posters and would encourage you to sit down with your organization and make one. Think about all the potential that you and your organization has. I know that you have dreams for yourself and your organization that seem lofty, but it doesn’t matter. Put those dreams on a goal poster, hang it up in your office or in a place where everyone in the organization can see, and then watch as the magic begins to unfold.

I am sure Amy Anderson would be thrilled to see your accomplishments and I would too. She asked that we all send her our goal posters and then tell her in 5 years whether or not we have accomplished them. Reach out to her and also reach out to me. I would love to see your posters and hear about the goals your organization accomplishes.

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