5 Weekly Social Media Goals

Goals have the power to really propel your organization forward. As you decide on organizational goals, you should divide them into the different time frames. Consider having weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, and long-term goals. This way you always have something to be working towards and something to measure your organization against. Remember, you don’t want to set goals that are unattainable, but do you want to stretch your organization.

Here are some social media goals that should be on your weekly goal lists:

  • Website Improvements

Based on the size of your organization, set an amount of time that you are going to dedicate to social media improvements. For instance, I tell myself that I am going to spend 1 hour on website improvements each week. I also say I will spend 1 hour on Instagram and Pinterest improvements each week day.

  • Blog Posts

Your blog is a great place to share stories from the field. Tell your most dedicated followers a story about one of your beneficiaries or talk about the upcoming event you’re planning. Try to share at least two stories on your blog each week.

  • Instagram Posts

As with all social media, the quality of your posts are more important than how often you post. With Instagram, set a goal to post at least once a day. And don’t forget to use hashtags! Also, don’t forget to interact with other people on Instagram. Set an amount of time each day that you will dedicate to liking and commenting on other people’s Instagram posts. This will broaden your reach and enlarge your community.

  • Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is a great way to increase traffic to your blog, Facebook, and website. Every time you post something on one of these other platforms, be sure to pin it to Pinterest.

  • Facebook Posts

Once again, quality is your top priority. Try to post at least 3 quality posts to your Facebook feed each week.

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