5 Nonprofit Instagram Accounts You Want to Copy

Instagram can be a great tool for nonprofit organizations because it connects you with your supporters. Whether you work with a small community or work around the world, you can post pictures of what you are doing, and the impact you are making.

Today I have 5 Nonprofit Instagram accounts that are doing it right. I’ll show you each account and highlight one thing that they are doing well (that your organization can do too).


One thing that I love about charity:water’s Instagram account is all of the high-quality pictures. You will never see a poorly lit, blurry picture on their Instagram feed. Additionally, a lot of their picture captions encourage the audience to join their cause and donate.

Charity Water

Charity Water 2

2. Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise does a great job at connecting their supporters with the beneficiaries. The organization provides schools around the world, so it is only normal that we would see a lot of little kids on their account, those who are benefiting from the schools.

Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise 2

3. Musana

Musana is a nonprofit that sells jewelry handmade by artisans in Uganda. So, not only does their account showcase the artisans, but they also promote their products and ask people to buy the jewelry to support the artisans.

Musana 2


4. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The LDS Church connects with their congregations around the world with inspirational quotes and stories from their members as well as from the leadership. They truly unite their church with the connections on their accounts.

LDS Church LDS Church 2

5. The Humane Society

The humane society stands out because it posts what it’s followers are interested in… cute animal pictures. They post updates on who is adoptable and ask their community of followers to adopt.

Humane Society Humane Society 2

What can your organization do to post meaningful pictures on Instagram? You can learn from these organizations that do really well! First, post high-quality pictures. Second, post pictures that matter to your followers. This includes images of the supporters, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Keep your followers updated on the welfare of your organization and on what you are doing regularly. Furthermore, ask your followers to join your cause. Invite them to events and invite them to adopt. Invite them to support your next campaign.

The goal is really to create a community. You don’t just want followers, you want people who are actively involved in your cause and feel part of the mission of your organization. When people feel apart of your organization they will spread the work to find more supporters and they will also further the mission by donating and volunteering.

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