5 Most Important Nonprofit Resources Of All Time

Nonprofit Resources

Are you ever searching for nonprofit information? I know I am constantly looking for information, whether it be for fundraising, data, statistics, stories, or anything else. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite nonprofit resources. Also, be sure to download the free PDF version!


Guidestar is the number one place I go to for nonprofit information. By signing up you have free access to the largest database of nonprofit organizations and foundations on the web. This is a great place to learn about other organizations, and for others to learn about your organization. Make sure your profile is filled out so other potential donors can learn about you!

Additionally, it is a great place to research foundation grant opportunities. By using their Advanced Search option, search for foundations in your area. You can then find contact information, giving patterns, past 990’s, etc., which will all help you find out whether your organization should apply for their grant opportunities.


Trust.Guidestar.org is Guidestar’s blog. I know, this is technically still Guidestar, but it deserves it’s own number and explanation. Guidestar’s blog has nonprofit information on everything from social media to recruiting a Board of Directors, to fundraising. Plus, they always have seasoned, successful professionals who write the blog posts, meaning there is always quality content.


Classy.org is an online mobile fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations. They have worked with many top nonprofits including Pencils of Promise, Charity:Water, and National Geographic. Additionally, Classy has the best blog to learn about fundraising. Their posts give great fundraising ideas and tell you about the research they have conducted about diverse fundraising campaigns.


GrantSpace is run by the Foundation Center and is a great resource for organizations going through the grant writing process. They have tips about grant writing and help you find grant opportunities in the United States. They also have a great learning center where you can find a plethora of information on various nonprofit topics.


Nonprofit Information houses information about leadership, strategy, fundraising, and volunteer management. This is a great supplemental website for learning about your nonprofit needs.

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