9 Helpful Articles on Nonprofit Board Leadership

Every nonprofit should have a Board of Directors, but not every Board of Directors is as efficient and effective as the next. I want to share some of my favorite articles that I have found about board leadership and how to create an effective board. Most boards seem to fail because there is a lack of clear communication about what is expected of each member. Therefore, we can cultivate stronger boards through working on our communication about donations, expectations, and other important topics.

Articles on Effective Boards

1. Cultivating the Ultimate Board: Interview with Kay Sprinkel Grace

This article discusses common mistakes when recruiting board members, the importance of passionate board members, and key aspects to board meetings.

2. Questions I’m Most Often Asked About Boards and Fundraising by Kay Sprinkel Grace

In this article, Kay Sprinkel Grace answers questions about how to encourage the board’s involvement in fundraising.

3. Terrible Board Members Are Created, Not Born by Jay Love

This article discusses the need to set board expectations and to hold regular meetings with agendas. Jay Love also talks about making quarterly operation reports the center or board meetings, exploring your organization’s mission, creating executive committees, and updating your strategic plan.

4. 5 Reasons Why Every NPO Board Should Have Term Limits by Jay Love

Jay Love shares insights into why nonprofit organizations ought to have term limits.

5. 5 Insights Into Nonprofit Board Practices You Should Know by Jay Love

This has great surgery results and insights into nonprofit boards around the nation. Jay Love also challenges that the five insights he lists, “should create a strategic discussion for an upcoming board meeting for any nonprofit.”

6. Questions from Board Building Sessions by Shonte Riddick

Another great article answering common questions about board members and developing a strong board. Roddick dives into issues such as the following:

  • Creating a Sustaining Board
  • Encouraging non-productive board members to resign
  • Implementing better practices with the current board
  • Development Committees
  • Expectations for the Executive Director
  • Fulfilling commitments
7. Precepts for the Supremely Successful Board by Jerold Panas

Jerold Panas discusses 15 aspects of boards that make them successful. Each precept is short and sweet, which allows you to go deeper into the issue with your own organization and board. It is also written to board members, so you could consider sending this on to your own board members.

8. Top Tips for Efficient Board Management by Courtney Cherico

Courtney Cherico shares how effective communication with board members and have a positive impact on boards. She covers the following topics:

  • Creating communication processes
  • Being Transparent
  • Utilizing Technology
9. Board Recruiting Best Practices – What do you REALLY want from me? by Board Assist

This article discusses why it is important to articulate board member’s roles and duties, particularly with donations.

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