20 Blog Article Ideas for a Nonprofit Blog

You’ve started a blog for your nonprofit organization because you want your followers and potential donors to know what you are up to. Plus, it seems like everyone and their dog has a blog, so you think your organization should probably have one too. That’s great! But. What do you write on your blog? Here are 20 blog article ideas for your nonprofit blog.

  1. A beneficiaries story
  2. An employees story
  3. A volunteers story
  4. How your organization was founded
  5. How you got involved in your cause
  6. Why _______ works for your organization
  7. Introduce your Board of Directors
  8. A list of other nonprofit organization in your area
  9. A list of similar nonprofit organizations
  10. Stats about your organizations cause and programs
  11. Other lists (e.g. 10 reasons why you should adopt, 5 reasons why you should help conserve wildlife, 8 reasons you should read to your kids)
  12. Photo gallery of a recent program or event
  13. Summarize research and studies about your organizations focus
  14. How your organization is impacting a certain area
  15. Interview donors
  16. Interview volunteers
  17. Ask donors why they donate to your organization
  18. 10 celebrities who care about your cause
  19. 10 ways to get involved with your organization
  20. Your Executive Director’s story

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