10 Nonprofit Leadership Positions and Their Responsibilities INFOGRAPHIC

10 Nonprofit Leadership Positions and their Responsibilities

  1. Executive Director: It is the Executive Director’s responsibility to take care of the day-to-day aspects of running the organization including administration, program oversight, and other oversight.
  2. Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the nonprofit organization. They set the vision for the organization. They should also be heavily involved in fundraising.
  3. Fundraiser: Not only should a fundraiser be building relationships with leads and actively fundraising, but they should also be heavily involved in maintaining relationships with past donors to create repeat donors.
  4. Program Director: A program director is responsible for the management and development of any specific program in the nonprofit organization.
  5. Volunteer Director: It is the volunteer director’s role to recruit and manage the volunteer force in the nonprofit. The volunteer director has an important responsibility of designing the volunteer program and keeping volunteers helping and happy.
  6. Finance Officer: The main accountant is sometimes referred to as the finance officer.
  7. Grant Writer: The grant writer is responsible for finding potential funders and grant applications. They are also the main person to write proposals, seek funding, and manage correspondence with grant funders who fund your organization.
  8. Social Media Manager: The social media manager is responsible for maintaining and posting on social media accounts for the nonprofit organization.
  9. Marketer: Marketing is a large part of getting your nonprofit organization’s cause and name out into the world. Marketers promote your organization to the public.
  10. Volunteer: A volunteer is anyone in your organization this is not being paid for their services. Volunteers have a variety of roles from eh Board of Directors to program volunteers.



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