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The Nonprofit Collective started in early 2016 as a hub for the nonprofit sector.

My aim is to provide you with important information about nonprofit organizations, showcase inspirational nonprofits, and cultivate your love for the nonprofit sector, while making you an expert in the field.

How Does the Nonprofit Collective Support the Nonprofit Sector?

The Nonprofit Collective is regularly updated with articles relating to the creation, management, and impact of nonprofit organizations. We provide you with the keys to become a successful nonprofit organization. A core part of our support is through our courses and resources that will improve your organization.

My goal is for the Nonprofit Collective to become a place for all of your nonprofit needs. Please, feel free to reach out to me at any time. If you have any questions to do with the nonprofit sector, I will make an effort to answer them in my articles.

Behind the Nonprofit Collective


Hello, my name is Stephanie Tanner. I went to college at Brigham Young University where I majored in Human Development and Nonprofit Management. I am also a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) as recognized by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. During my time at BYU, I was also a Writing Fellow, where I tutored undergraduate writing across all of the curriculums.
I developed a passion for the nonprofit sector in college when I studied Romanian to serve in orphanages in Romania. This was an internship for my major, Human Development, so my goals involved helping and loving the children in the orphanage. My university changed my plans at the last minute and decided to send me to Ukraine to pilot a new orphanage program there. I loved working with the kids, I loved working with nonprofit organizations, and I also saw a lot of room for improvement with the way some nonprofit organizations are managed and run.

I came back from my internship desiring to work in the nonprofit sector for the rest of my life. Since then I have written grants, found funding, and worked with nonprofits based across the United States as well as in places such as Ukraine, Uganda, Ghana, Namibia, Rwanda, and Nepal. Over the years I have spent over a thousand hours working hand in hand with nonprofits around the world.

I have seen the impact that nonprofits have on the slave trade in Namibia, the education crisis in inner cities, the orphanages in developing countries, and countless other initiatives.

While I love working with individual nonprofit organizations, I came up with the idea for the Nonprofit Collective because I want to serve more than one nonprofit organization at a time. There are so many nonprofits organizations making an incredible impact on this world, and I want to support them. I want to support you.













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